Avalokita Center

Avalòkita is a lay meditation and minful living Center inspired to the teachings of Dhyana teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese monk, poet and peacemaker, and by the Plum Village school he founded.

The Center aims to support on their path those who have already undertaken or intend to undertake the practice of mindfulness, and to offer all who wish to do so the opportunity to experience its benefits in a conducive and dedicated context.

The Center is run by a small resident lay community. Throughout the year, the community lives according to a set of daily practices, the same that is then offered to guests during retreats, weekends and days of mindfulness. On these occasions, the resident community is supported by members of the extended community, who come from all over Italy and make it possible for the scheduled events to take place.

Dedicated to Avalòkita, an awakened being that is able to listen deeply and compassionately to the suffering of the world, the Center is an undertaking of the Comunità italiana dell’Interessere and has had the constant guidance and support of teachers Helga e Karl Riedl of the German Center Intersein.

The Center is located in Castelli, on the Adriatic side of the Gran Sasso, in an pristine environment of great natural beauty. It offers retreats and days of mindfulness open to all. Soon, it will also be possible to stay here for longer periods dedicated to meditation and practice.

The Avalòkita Center is a project of the Fondazione Avalòkita, which owns the land and buildings. Both the Center and the Foundation were created by and with the support of the Italian members of the Comunità dell’Interessere (Order of Interbeing).