In this period that we are all living in, since we are unable to hold retreats here at the Center, we are offering some online activities open to everyone, and many have asked how they can support us financially.
Thanking them for this intention, we have thought of creating a page dedicated to donations, to allow those who so wish and can do it with ease, to make a donation to support the Center.
A simple way to donate is through Paypal, that you can access with the button below:



or following this link:
In both cases, if possible, please enter “donation” or “personal payment” as a reason and not “goods and services”, in which case PayPal retains a considerable commission, thank you.

You can also transfer money using systems such as Xoom or Transferwise, entering our bank account details:

Owner: Fondazione Avalokita
Bank: Banca Popolare Etica, Roma
IBAN: IT74D0501803200000011256229 –
Reason: “Donation for online activity” or other reasons that move you to support the Center.

One of the fundraising always active is a fundraising to build new housing.
We feel deeply grateful for your generosity!