In January 2017, a fundraising was started with the aim of expanding and improving the Center’s accommodation facilities, in view of a necessary switch to a different legal status as holiday home.

The intention is to add two (or three) single-storey buildings on the Center’s grounds, each with a capacity of six to eight beds plus bathrooms. We consider it essential that they harmonize well with the existing buildings and have characteristics of wholesomeness, durability, eco-sustainability and maximum safety in case of seismic events and heavy snowfall. For this reason we are carrying out a meticulous research, contacting companies and professionals, evaluating offers and quotes, aiming at containing costs and at the same time ensure the best possible use of the funds raised.

Just as every drop helps to generate a large river, every donation, regardless of size, is important and is welcomed with deep gratitude. It can be an individual contribution or the result of collective initiatives such as retreats, dedicated mindfulness days, contributions by a sangha.
It can also represent a gift (birthday, Christmas, etc.) that we offer ourselves or those who value the practice offered by the Center: a gift that cultivates harmony and peace for the present and the future.

Fondazione Avalokita – IBAN IT74D0501803200000011256229 – Banca Popolare Etica, Roma
Purpose: Donation to build new housing at Avalokita Center.